BIGGEXCHANGE 2018 10 Aug, 2018


For building owners, architects, designers/engineers, entrepreneurs and distributors.

Digitization, climate change, sustainability, demographic change, urbanization, and updating aging infrastructure are all mega trends that will profoundly change our world.
In 2008, for the first time in history, more than half of the world’s population lived in urban centers. The United Nations forecasts that this ratio will increase up to 67 percent by 2050. At the same time, the construction industry has endured a decades-long productivity problem. According to a report from the worldwide management consulting firm, McKinsey, global labor-productivity growth in construction has averaged only a quarter of the growth of the manufacturing industry since 1995. Today a shortage of skilled labor and the digitization of the construction industry (building information modelling, or BIM, for example) are presenting considerable challenges to the industry.

How can we rise to meet these challenges?
The BIGGEXCHANGE brings key players in the construction and HVAC industries together to discuss this question and to delve into trend-setting developments, as well as practical and relevant solutions.
It provides a platform for interactive dialog, roundtable discussions and offers numerous networking opportunities.

Who should attend?
The symposium is designed for:
Building owners
in the construction and HVAC industries.

Why attend?
Glean unique insight from leading digitization experts.
Learn about reducing construction times and achieving higher profitability using BIM-based prefabrication.
Gather exclusive observations on resource-efficient and resilient cities driving the market and how you can profit from them.
Find out how you can create lasting and repeatable success with sustainability and communication.
Explore the relationship between energy efficiency and building shapes and how they are changing the architectural landscape.
Get insights into how managers are able to deal with today’s market complexity and help organizations remain successful despite constant and rapid change.
Examine current and future building life safety challenges and how your firm can assist while profiting.
Connect with construction and HVAC industry leaders from around the globe.
And so much more…