AQUATHERM RED system of pipes and fittings is certified by the world's leading fire protection institutes such as LPCB Great Britain, VDS Germany, FM USA, DIT Spain, SAI Global Australia, AON of New Zealand, VNIIPO Russia, SBSC Sweden, VKF Switzerland, CNBOP Poland, ZIK Croatia, IBS Austria and is accepted by the Greek Fire Brigade in accordance with the decision of the headquarters Αριθμ. Πρωτοκ.52767 Φ.701.6 / 29-10-2020.
AQUATHERM RED system of pipes and fittings has very important advantages over the iron pipes. For example it is not corroded internally or externally, thus preventing partial or complete obstruction of the sprinklers with corrosion products such as rust, mud, etc. . Therefore, at the critical moment of fire there will be operation of the sprinklers without any problems. It is also much lighter than the iron pipes and the system can easily be istalled on the roofs without using lifting equipment. Even on prefabricated sections of the network.
Additionally, the system does not burden the roofs too much, which is particularly important for the metal roofs of lightweight construction. No painting required because pipes and fittings are produced in red.
It is an elastic material, suitable for areas of high seismicity and has a long life (over 100 years at a constant pressure of 23.7 bar at 20 °C water temperature).
It does not favor the compression or liquefaction due to its thermal insulation properties and can be embed into concrete, plaster or in the ground if necessary.
It does not require rubber sealings and can be used in seawater or pool water networks in areas with water scarcity.
Also by using the AQUATHERM RED system it is very easy to create branchings using the convex elements (bumbs) and the system can be connected to an existing pipe network using flanges or special plastic corrugated fittings in case of expansion or mixed red pipe system on the roofs - iron pipes in the central columns.
All of the above make the red pipe system the best solution techno-economically in fire-fighting facilities in buildings.