Aquatherm TI

The aquatherm pre-insulated pipes and fittings system is one of the most energy-efficient transport methods for hot and cold water over long distance, in buried, outdoor pipe networks (district heating applications, geothermal heating, bungalows and pools in hotels etc.)

The aquatherm pre-insulated pipe system has very important advantages such as, absolute corrosion resistance, excellent thermal insulation properties, very low weight, very low roughness of the inner tube, water temperature resistance up to 90 oC and the absolute tightness that ensures the welding of aquatherm pipe and fittings.

The aquatherm pre-insulated pipe consists of:
a) the internal water transport pipe which may be either green pipe MF (for hot water and recirculation applications) or blue pipe MF with or without oxygen tight (for heating, air-conditioning, industrial, geothermal, cooling applications etc.)
b) the middle layer consists of an insulating layer of homogeneous rigid polyurethane foam with an average closed cell size of 0.5 mm of specific thickness per profile according to the Greek standard ΕLOT ΕΝ 253 and the corresponding European standard ΕΝ 253 and finally,
c) outer shell of black PEHD conforming to the requirements of the Greek standard ELOT EN 253 and the corresponding European standard EN 253.

The aquatherm TI system is complemented with a full range of pre-insulated components (e.g. 90 °, 45 °, tau, systolic tue e.t.c.) bearing a medium insulating layer, a layer of rigid polyurethane foam and a black PEHD outer sheath and are in accordance with the requirements of the Greek standard ΕLΟΤ ΕΝ 448 and the corresponding European Standard EN 448.

Finally, for pipe connections or connections between pipes and fittings, special heat-shrink PEHD connection kits are used in accordance with the requirements of ELOT EN 489 and EN 489 and ensure complete sealing and protection of the outer layer of the insulation.

The aquatherm pre-insulated pipes are available in profiles from Φ32mm to Φ355mm and at lengths of 5.8 meters and 11.6 meters.