The AQUATHERM BLUE has been used for over 15 years in thousands of applications of heating, air conditioning, industry and geothermal worldwide.
The AQUATHERM BLUE system was established for non-potable water installations due to its excellent properties such as the durability of the raw material at high temperatures, at corrosion and chemical agents, having thermal insulation and soundproofing, high mechanical stability, reduced contraction due to glass-fibre reinforcement in its middle layer and the increased flow rate compared to green pipe of corresponding diameter, due to decreased thickness.
The AQUATHERM BLUE system solves the great problem of corrosion of metallic air conditioning pipes due to dew formation on the outer surface and ensures long-lasting and economic operation of the network due to its smooth internal surface that does not form deposits internally.
The AQUATHERM BLUE system is certified by the recognized institutes AENOR, NSF, ABS, IAPMO, MG, ITB, EME, ZIK, DNV-GL, Lloyd's, BUREAU VERITAS, Rina, is manufactured in profiles from Ø20mm to Ø630mm and comes with numerous fittings while provides 12 different types of blue pipe pipes SDR7.4 MF //SDR 9/11/17.6 MF RP , SDR 7.4 MF UV// SDR 9/11/17.6 MF RP UV,SDR 7.4 OT // SDR 9/11 MF RP OT and  SDR 11 S.