The AQUATHERM GREEN MF SDR 9 RP pipe is the top choice of durability to thermo-hydraulic installations due to its excellent performance at increased pressures and temperatures.

For its production, the unique high-crystallinity (last generation, classified as PPR CT)  is used, with great stability type a, as the result of a special combination of polymerization process and advanced chemical structure that ensures long-term increased resistance to internal pressure even at high temperatures, giving at least 25% strength increased compared to conventional PPR raw material.

This excellent raw material then been enriches by aquatherm by adding special stabilizers against the effect of metal ion and chemical, thus render the AQUATHERM GREEN MF SDR9 RP the world's most durable polypropylene pipe that sets the innovation standards in the production of PPR pipes.

The pipe consists of 3 layers, internally of a PP-RP layer, in the middle layer of PP-RP layer with built-in glass-fibre about 20% and the outer layer is PP-RP.

AQUATHERM GREEN MF SDR 9 RP is certified by SKZ that it meets the requirements of the specific directive (HY 3.28) for glass-fiber polypropylene pipes and the Hygiene Institute (HY) for its suitability for drinking water networks. Additionally, the pipe has received plenty of certificates from internationally acclaimed institutes (read more here).

It is fully compatible in welding with PP-R 80 fittings.

Due to the high strength of the RP material, it has a reduced wall thickness (SDR9) resulting in 14% greater internal diameter, 16% less weight than the corresponding SDR7,4 diameters but also up to 25% higher endurance to elevated temperatures.


Mechanically stabilized through a fibre mix integrated in the middle layer of the fusiolen® PP-R.
Description: AQUATHERM GREEN - SDR 9 MF RP / SDR 7,4 MF
Structure of pipe: MF = multilayer, with fibre reinforced
Special feature of pipe: RP = (raised pressure)
Material: fusiolen PP-R
Pipe series: Φ 20-25 SDR 7,4/S 3,2  Φ32-355 SDR 9/S 4
Standards: SKZ HR 3.28, ASTM F 2389, ISO 21003
SKZ A632/A644
Colour: green with 4 dark green stripes
Form supplied: Φ 32-125mm straight legths 4 m,
Φ 160-355mm straight legths 5,8 m
Packing Unit: PU in meter