The AQUATHERM BLACK  is an innovative, tested and award-winning solution in the field of comfort air conditioning.
It is a wall and floor heating/cooling system, and has been internationally recognized as the most innovative thermal comfort solution in residential, office and hotel rooms.
The principle of the operating system is mildly radiant heat from large surfaces on the ceiling or on the wall or even on the floor. These surfaces are composed of AQUATHERM BLACK  elements that are coalblack, rectangular shaped grids, with oxygen tight pipes, with a square cross-section just 12mm, width from 24cm to 100cm and length from 0.4m to 5m so they could be placed in any available space.

The AQUATHERM BLACK can be installed either on suspended ceilings with overlying insulating layer, or on walls behind plasterboard, but also recessed into plaster 3cm thick, on ceiling or on wall. The components of the black system are associated with thermal self-welding (permanent connection) or in special cases with push-fit components (detachable connection).

The system operates with 2/3 radiation and 1/3 heat transfer. Since the surface of the system is relatively large, the surface temperature can be kept low at about 30 ° C in heating and respectively 17-18 ° C in cooling, resulting the system in heating requires a flow temperature of about 35 ° C and in cooling of about 16 ° C, thus be easy to combined with environmentally friendly energy sources such as geothermal energy, heat pumps and solar energy.

A serious benefit of the AQUATHERM BLACK is the thermal comfort it provides in space as air currents and dust movement are missing, while ensuring room temperature uniformity and serious energy savings due to low operating temperatures compared to conventional systems.
The system is ideal for the bathroom area where is used behind the mirrors and on the walls that surround the shower, to ensure a sense of thermal comfort. It can be easily combined with an underfloor heating system.