Green Pipe - SDR 9 MF RP UV

Resistant against UV-rays. Mechanically stabilized through a faser mix integrated in the middle layer of the fusiolen® PP-R.
Description: aquatherm green pipe - SDR 9 MF RP UV / SDR 7,4 MF UV
Structure of pipe: MF = multilayer, with fibre reinforced
Special feature of pipe: RP = (raised pressure)
UV = UV resistant
Material: fusiolen PP-R
Pipe series: SDR 9/ S 4
Standards: SKZ HR 3.28, ASTM F 2389, ISO 21003,
SKZ A632/A644
Colour: Outer layer: black - Inner layer: green
Form supplied: Φ 32-125mm straight lengths 4 m,
Φ 160-355mm straight lengths 5,8 m
Packing Unit: PU in meter